MX Player APK Download v1.29.4 Free Android (Latest Official)

Download MX Player 1.29.4 beta APK. If you’re looking for the MX Player app, you can get it from here. We offer free MX player APK download for Android from our site. We frequently update this page with the latest APK file.

mx player apk

You can download MX player latest version (and old versions), or MX Player Pro from this page. MX Player has been able to make a distinction in a short time. It’s simplicity in the user interface and the ability to do things that other players are not able to do. The gestures and other impressive features of this app make video playback smooth and handy on your Android device.

It has great gesture controls, making video playback experience effortless and enjoyable. For instance, You can pinch to zoom, scroll for brightness and volume on respective sides, move out the video on the home screen, and can do much more. Moreover, there are tons of other features that give an MX player an edge over every other Android video player app. The feature where video pops out and place itself on the home screen is commendable.

RECOMMENDED CHECK: You can download MX player the download links mentioned below. However, I would also recommend you guys to check MX player pro download and download MX player codec from our site. Installing codec will help you to play every type of media file on this app.

MX Player APK Download Latest Version

NameMX Player 1.29.4
`File Size 37.14MB
System RequirementAndroid 4.2+ (armeabi), Android 5.0+ (arm64)
DeveloperJ2 Interactive

Pro Tip: If you own a computer/Mac then you should Download MX Player for PC or MX Player for Mac. I’m sure you won’t use any other media player after trying it on your computer.

You can either download the app from our site or Google Play. If you’re having a downloading problem from Google play, I will suggest a way to download MX player package installer(commonly known as APK) for Android from the download button above. The package is considered the offline way to install any Android Application. You can transfer it from one phone to another phone with the help of Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth using Apps like Xender.

MX Player works on pretty much all the phones like Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Xiaomi, Lenovo, OnePlus one/two, OnePlus three/X, Oppo, etc. and even some not so popular branded phones LG, Vivo, ZTE, Micromax, Sony, etc. supports it.

How to Install MX Player on your Android Device

mx player android screenshot
  • Download MX Player from the download button above.
  • After Downloading Click on that link to Start the Installation Procedure.
  • Follow the Screen Instructions to Install the app on your Android Device.

First of all, you can directly download the APK file from this website, or you can do a Google search for “MX Player APK download. Just Open any from the search page, and click on the download button; it is easy. The download will start, after finishing the download, open the downloads folder where the file is downloaded.

If you have downloaded through PC, transfer the application by Bluetooth or USB cable. Now go to the folder where the file is transferred.

If you have downloaded the file on mobile, then click on it. Now if you don’t have unknown sources permission, enable it by going to settings>security>unknown sources. After that, you will be able to install the package.

Install the package; wait for installation, and then a shortcut will be created on the home screen for the app, now you can open it and browse your videos. I would recommend you to install the latest version of MX Player by package installation process because you won’t be able to update it if you’re having a problem with Google Play.

If you’re having any problem, you can simply go to Google Play and install, by going to the installation page in the Google Play app. Hopefully, you will enjoy this incredible player. However, you can also check the list of other awesome media players for android.


🤔How to download MX Player APK?

Go to get the APK or to MX Player APK to make sure you get the latest version. When you get into the sites, look for the download button, and just click on it. The download automatically begins. Once the download is done, click on the downloaded file to install.

❓Where to download MX Player APK?

You can get from or MX Player APK for the latest official version.

⚙️How to update MX Player APK?

Keep visiting MX Player APK for the updated version of MX Player APK. Once you’re inside the site, just click on the download button and you will get the latest version. Click the downloaded file, it will update the current APK that you have.

MX player is the best Media Player for Android, and no other app is going to replace it anytime soon. If you love this player, then share this website with your friends and family. Thank you for reading the tutorial, comment if there is any problem with installation, we will get back to you soon.

mx player apk
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  1. I have downloaded the APK but when I am looking for it on my phone, it’s now showing under my download file, where can I locate the APK I have installed?

  2. Is there another version for this MX player APK, I really like to use this player but it was not compatible with my Apple device. This is so sad… 🙁

  3. I have installed mx and set it as default player in Hdcinema apk, because this app is supposed to be able to play subtitles automatically. But it does not work. Please advise.

  4. Getting download error on downloader app on fire stick. Tells me to check URL and connection. I’ve downloaded MX player 15 times in the last 6 months with no problems. Please advise.

  5. Can’t find a player that works on red box. Tried using the short cut. Can’t find the one you talked about in the video.

  6. Does MX Player still download videos? I just bought a Kogan Agora 8+ mobile phone and can’t seem to be able to download videos. I would really appreciate some help with this problem.

  7. Maybe I am reading things wrong, but I am a bit confused. If I now have MX Player 1.9.3 should I need to download a codec pack or is AC3 audio now supported MX Player?
    I updated to 1.9.3 and AC3 audio is no longer working again. I had managed to fix it last time, now I am just having no luck at all.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    If it helps I am on an Android S8 running Android 7.0


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