How to Set the MX Player As Default Player For Audio & Video

The question “how to set MX player as default?” is raised by many users when they feel that the default settings of their favorite media player are not good for them. Perhaps they prefer to watch videos or play music in their car, or even surf the internet. So if there is something that you really enjoy doing, then you should try and change it to your preferences. How to do this? Before you proceed, give a read to MX Player Codec Install and how to do that.

You need to go into the control panel of your device, and enable the option of switching the settings of your device to the preferences of your choice. Normally, this is found at the Systems and Maintenance section of the Device Manager. However, it may also be found in the General tab of the Properties window. Once you have enabled the switch-off of the default media player, you can proceed further and select Stop playing in the background. This will prevent the device from continuously running in the background. You can now return to your favourite video player and continue your favourite activities without any interruption.

How to change default media player on an Xbox 360? If you have this favourite video player and have uninstalled the previous one, you can simply download the Microsoft X-Redistributable installed on your computer, onto your system. Follow the instructions properly to install XRedistributable software. Once this is complete, you can go ahead and uninstall the previous default video player software. This will allow you to be able to change your settings in the Windows XP Registry.

If you wish to know how to set an Xbox player as default, you need to use a registry editor, to edit the values of the various attributes of the player. You can add or remove the software components that are already installed on your computer. Once done, you should restart your Xbox console. The changes would be immediately reflected in the in-game players and you can proceed to play your favourite media player.

Some people prefer to use media players other than Xbox 360 that can be installed within the OS. One such player that you can consider is Media Player 1.5, which is readily available in the market. This player enables you to convert videos into flv files and you can also convert the file into mdvd files. Apart from the aforementioned player, there are many other softwares that can be used to control video output and input, such as Camtasia Video Converter, QuickTime Video Converter and Microsoft Media Player.

However, softwares such as Camtasia are not capable of converting wmv and avi files. Similarly, if you wish to convert flv to mdv, you will need the software called WinVista Player. This software is more useful than other alternatives because it allows you to set your X-box as the primary output and bypass any transcoding process that takes place with other softwares.

So how do you change an Xbox 360 player to Xbox 360? The most difficult part is the activation of your console. This may take hours or even days, depending on your choice of service provider. In any case, your patience will not be rewarded immediately with the launch of your new player. On a positive note, Microsoft has made the process of activation as easy as possible, as they have launched the Xbox Live Arcade, which will enable users to sign up for games, compete with other players and earn virtual money.

The next question that you may ask yourself is – how to set the X-box as default player in XP. Fortunately, the process is not very complicated. All you have to do is to go to the Start Menu and select “Accessories”. Go to the” Input Devices” section, look for Xbox and click on” Default Controller”, then click OK. Then you can continue with your other input devices. The last step is to restart your system to complete the changes.

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