Recently there’s been quite a lot of buzz about MX Player for Nokia Windows Phone devices. That’s why i though it would be worth writing about this topic on this site. In this post, I have shared the download link of the best media player app for Nokia devices and Windows Phone OS Device. Feel free to read the complete post and after reading drop a comment at the end of the page.

We all love using MX Player, right? After all, it’s the best media player for Android and other modern operating systems. Probably it’s also the most successful and popular media player of all time. MX Player lets you enjoy your favorite videos on your smartphone or computer. The ability of use phones touch screen with the touch gesture feature of MX Player is just awesome.

Now you can Download MX Player for PC, MX Player APK (Latest Version) for Android from our site. That’s why i think it’s the time i wrote a guide on how to download MX Player for your Nokia/Windows Phone device for free.

RECOMMENDED: Download MX Player Custom Codec [DTS Support] Files.

Download MX Player for Nokia Windows Phone OS

MX Player for Windows Phone

Update: Good news guys MX Player is now officially available for Windows Phone, you can download it from here.

Now let me tell you first that MX Player is an Android app which you can use on some other platforms like PC by following some little-known workarounds. And the Sad part is that – “MX Player for Windows Phone is still under construction”, So you can’t just download MX Player for Windows Phone (mostly Nokia Devices) that easily.

But, the thing is there is something for you in this article. I don’t want you to feel like you have wasted your time by reading this article. That’s why I will give you a solution on the topic of “MX Player for Windows Phone“.

MX Player is not available for Windows Phone, but there are some other awesome alternatives of MX Player for Windows Phone. Among the hundreds of great media player apps which are available for Windows Phone devices, I think the best one which you should use is “VLC for Windows Phone”. This app has most of the advanced features like MX Player (If not all), you can download it from here. I hope you will find it useful.

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  1. Which Apps Are Support by window phone…
    Like This
    Android support .Apk File
    Java support .jar
    What is for window phone?


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