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MX Player is the best media player available on Planet Earth. It can play the maximum types of media files with excellent sound and video quality. The gesture feature is one of the coolest features of MX Player. Overall, This is the player which is loved by all and known to every Android enthusiast. However, With the new update, the developers have removed some existing codecs from the app.

As a consequence, now you can’t play AC3, DTS, MLP, TrueHD, etc. on MX Player by default. But you can manually download the necessary mx player codecs files to fix this problem. We have shared all mx player custom codec files (both Zip and Apk files) on this page. Just scroll down the page and download the files. You will also find information about how to know which codec your phone needs and how to install it properly.

Update: These codec files have been updated recently for latest version of mx player, so make sure you can using mx player latest version.



1. Check which version you need by going to Settings/Decoder/General, in the Custom Codec tab it will tell you which one is needed (x86,tegra2,tegra3,neon,etc).
Note: skip step 1 if your using aio (all in one) version
2. Download the one you need (No need to unzip it)
3. Go back to Settings/Decoder/General and tap the Custom Codec tab then select the version you downloaded. DONE! Now download the codec files from below.

MX Player Custom Codec Zip Files Download

ZIP CODEC FILES FOR MX PLAYER AND MX PLAYER PRO (Last Updated on 22 December 2018)

Also, download mx player pro apk latest version, MX Player for PC Windows Laptop and mx player for firestick from our site.

MX Player Custom Codec Apk Files Download

APK CODEC FILES FOR MX PLAYER AND MX PLAYER PRO (Last Updated on 22 December 2018)

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How to Install The Codec Files

After downloading, move the files to the phone, if you have downloaded from PC, via USB or Bluetooth. Now check the following two methods available below, you can follow anyone which you like the most.

Installation Method 1

  • If you have the zip file in internal storage (in download or Bluetooth section), then keep it there only.
  • Now open the MX player, if it is compatible with the codec pack you have installed, it will automatically say to install the codec pack found in the storage. Just click ok.
  • The App will restart, and the pack will be installed. Now you can enjoy audio to every video, without any glitch.

Installation Method 2

  • Open MX Player on your smartphone.
  • Open settings >decoder >general >custom codec.
  • A dialog box will appear for the navigation of the codec pack. Now open the folder in which the codec pack is installed through. You will see the zip file, click on it.
  • If you have selected the right zip file, The App will restart.

For All Codec Pack it will install the required codec automatically from all the codec in the ZIP file. It will restart afterward you can play DTS audio on MX Player without any problem. After you have installed the codec, you can check that by going to Help > About. Now enjoy every audio and video clip, without any no audio problem on your phone. If you have any problem in installation, do leave a comment, and we will be happy to help you out as soon as possible.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the codec files here..


  2. I have Samsung note 8, it’s using ARMv8-a architecture. Which codec should I use? I couldn’t play rmvb file at the moment, rv40 error keep popping up.

  3. hi dev thanks for great afford. ive downloaded both mx player and neon codec via pc.i cant use my phone due to slow internet connection.ive installed mx player when i open up, it says i have to download codec and bring me straight to google play store. i cant download due to slow connection, any way for me to “manually” add to the directory of the mx player and let it works? thanks

  4. I hav downloaded mx player neon codec from the store….bt i cant find the zip file….mx player still needs its video codec armv7neon 1.9.8 …what should i do????

  5. Hello,

    The apps says that in my case I should go with ARMv7 NEON (Settings/Decoder/General)

    Should I then go with the or with the v7_neon_1.9.4.apk?

    If the APK is the better choice, should I stick with the version the developers provide in the Play Store?

    Not sure if there is any difference between the .zip and .apk (Play Store/version available here)

  6. Wow. Yipee. So it now supports AC3 and straight DTS which were superseded with Dolby TrueHD and DTS HDMA nearly 10 years ago. When will these formats be supported or are we going to continue claiming that this is the best box even when it doesn’t support any HD audio formats?

  7. I am using android old version which needs version 1.7.12 but it still need video codec. the latest version of video codec is not working. I can’t change android version, what should i do ?

  8. Hi, may I ask you for a request? Is there any chance that you could add a date that signals when you last updated the information on this site? I have no idea how valid the “update” message is and which version of mx player it concerns…

    Thank you!


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