If you want to download MX Player for iOS Device, then read this post carefully. Learn how to download MX Player for iPhone/iPad for Free. MX Player has become a huge hit on smartphones, irrespective of the operating system. Of course, Android plays a significant role in the game, as most of the devices are Android based, but that doesn’t mean that iOS devices can be neglected.

MX player has excellent gesture controls, making video playback experience effortless and smooth. You can pinch zoom, scroll for brightness and volume on respective sides, move out the video on the home screen, and much more, It’s among the many features which made MX player such a hit. When we talk about the user interface, MX player offers the best you can get in a video player. You must want to download MX player for your iOS device, as you know how handy it is. So I am going to tell you some steps that will lead you to the installation of MX player on your iOS device.

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How to Download MX Player for iPhone/iPad for Free

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There is no official MX Player app (of developers) on Apple App Store. So installing MX Player on iOS is not possible through Apple App Store. I hope developers of MX player launch their app on iOS as soon as possible. However, you can find similar players. One similar player is MX Video Player, It has the same type of user interface, and it runs on iPhones pretty smoothly. But it is an app from an unknown (not so famous) developer, so I would rather suggest you to check these other media player apps. These are the best mx player alternative apps.

VLC for Mobile

It is available on the iOS platform and plays almost every file extension available in the world. VLC for Mobile is known for its incredible audio and video codec that makes it the first choice for iOS users. It is currently the best player available on Apple App Store. The app has similar gestures as MX player, but they’re more enhanced. Though it’s not as smooth as MX player, you have to deal with it.

VLC for iPhone and iPad

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It is available on iOS, and just like on Android it doesn’t disappoint you on iOS. The browsing experience of videos is quite smooth with a very interactive user interface. You can go to menu and settings just from the click of the buttons. The developer has paid much attention to the detail, and thus very enhanced interface. The player has similar gestures to MX player, but MX player gets an extra point due to effortless playback and controls.

KMPlayer for iPhone and iPad

GOM Player

It is available on iPhone and iPad and is a pretty decent player. The orange color dialog box is its symbol and trademark. The player plays every type of file and is superb. But it lags if the video is of high quality. The controls are good, and settings have all the features you need. I think It is worth a shot if you want some decent player on your iOS.

So i hope you get your answer about MX Player for iPhone and iPad by reading this page, comment below and let us know why you love MX Player for iOS.

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